Next week we will be marking ‘Safer Internet Day’ with a special assembly and activities in class on Monday. Here are some simple rules recommended to keep younger children safe online:

  • Make sure they ask permission before using the internet
  • Only let them use websites you have chosen together or a child friendly search engine
  • Ensure they only email people they know (why not consider setting up an address book?)
  • Teach them to ask permission before opening an e mail sent by someone they don’t know
  • Do not let them use internet chat rooms or social networks
  • Do not use their real name when using games on the internet (create a nickname)
  • Teach them to never give out a home address, phone or mobile number or to tell people where they go to school
  • Ensure they only use a webcam with people they know
  • Encourage them to tell you immediately if they see anything they are unhappy with
  • Using these rules

It’s also a good idea to regularly check the internet sites your child is visiting e.g. by clicking on History & Favourites. Please reassure your child that you want to keep them safe rather than take internet access away from them.

Further information can be found at:

These are recommended sites when searching the Internet: