This week I had a complaint from a local resident about parents parking inconsiderately in Lambourne Crescent. Lambourne Crescent is not a suitable road in which to park, please do not park in Lambourne Crescent under any circumstances. Like many other schools across the country many of our parents drive their children to & from school. Unlike many schools we are fortunate to have access to parking. The car park opposite belongs to the Woodland Trust but we are able to use it at ‘drop off’ & ‘pick up’ times. If the car park is full we are able to use the car park of ‘The Two Brewers’ which is a very short walk down the road. It is particularly dangerous & illegal to park in the gateway of the car park & reverse into oncoming traffic. I tell any residents that, if they have a complaint about how vehicles are parked, they must report it  & I will be liaising with the local community policing team.