We had our one day visit before the end of the Summer term but, due to the Summer holiday, our official letter arrived this week. It is possible to access this on our website but anyone requiring a hard copy can ask the school office.  Cindy Impey who conducted the inspection concluded that, ‘This school continues to be good’. She said that we have maintained a good quality of education in the school and that we effectively utilise the unique enrichment opportunities of our rurl location to effectively support pupils’ learning. With regard to our sports provision she said that we provide rich experiences for all pupils, particularly the most vulnerable, and that pupils demonstrate high levels of confidence throughout their learning. She said that we are determined in our efforts to provide the best care for our pupils and that we ensure that pupils continue to receive a good and better level of education. Mrs Impey also said that we have successfully created a safe and caring environment in which pupils can learn. She said that pupils behave well in lessons and around the school, that they are keen to learn and share their knowledge in whole class discussions and that they happily speak of how fond they are of adults in the school.  She also said that vulnerable pupils are particularly well cared for and that we work well with families. She observed phonic teaching and concluded that children make accelerated progress and that pupils enjoy reading. As a result of the visit we are going to focus more on giving the children opportunities to apply their writing skills in all curriculum areas and develop pupils’ problem solving skills in mathematics.  I would like to thank parents/carers, children, staff and governors who gave input to the day, well done!