What have you been doing this week?





 Lots of us were happy that the rain stopped. Nobody likes indoor play, even though we have lots of things to do, you can’t beat running around the playground and seeing all your friends. We have had a really busy half term and today, an athlete is coming to school to help us raise money and have fun. The weather is perfect too.

Year 2 have been working with column addition. This was a tricky change from using a number line to calculate number sentences. Instead of working from left to right, you’re working from top to bottom. Mrs Hammond was SO impressed, they quickly moved onto column subtraction! Wow and double wow! Miss Karen Wilson has been teaching us all dance this term. She has taught the children a dance routine and they will be taking their dance to King Harold School at the start of the new half term. Mrs Hammond has also organized a super times table challenge for them Watch this space! After a good research session about the rainforest, we finished off by drawing comparisons of the two forests- Hainault and the Amazon. In our forest school sessions we listed the objects and creatures we come across in this forest into 3 groups. These groups are living, no longer living and dead. We also talk more in depth about habitat about why particular habitats are suitable for different creatures. One of the facts we learned was that camels are so suited to living in the desert because they are able to consume large quantities of food and water at one time. This is converted to energy in the form of fat, which is stored in their hump or humps. Their feet are also particularly suited to desert dwelling because of the fleshy, hairy pads. These are good for standing on sand, even when it is very hot.

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