Happy Christmas!

So we have finished a whole term in Year 2 now! What wonderful progress ALL the children have made. I am sure you will agree that it has been a fun experience so far. 

Here are some quotes from the children about the term -

" Maths is the best!"

" I love doing spellings"

"The chicks in class were awesome!"

"I can now do fractions!"

The Gunpowder trip was really fun!"

"I have so many best friends now!"

"Our catchphrase is If something is too easy then challenge yourself!"

"I always try my best!"

"I now have awesome writing"


We finished our term off by having a Happiness Day. We spoke about what made us happy and gave away smiles to help spread the happiness! 


I hope you have a very happy Christmas. I am sure 2016 will be just as successful and look forward to a fun learning year!