What have Blue Class been doing this week:




Lots of us were happy that the rain stopped. Nobody likes indoor play, even though we have lots of things to do, you can’t beat running around the playground and seeing all your friends. We have had a really busy half term and today, an athlete is coming to school to help us raise money and have fun. The weather is perfect too.

Year 1 have now written their own version of Handa’s surprise. They chose their own character and changed the setting and the ending of the book too. In maths they have worked really hard on place value. This means understanding what the 1 digit is worth in the number 12- it is worth 1, ten. They began learning about greater and lesser than. This is shown by saying 10 < 12. Then Miss G said, do you agree? Tell me why! The children had to explain using maths language. Well done year 1. Today they made notes for each other to celebrate their friendship in class and also to show their appreciation of the teachers.