What have Blue Class been doing this week:



Class 1 talked about how to be positive with the things we say to each other as part of the Internet safety campaign. They have been investigating verbs this week. They also looked at instructions and talked about “how to eat an Oreo”. The next day their task was to make a fruit kebab. While they were doing it, they had to tell their partner what they were doing, using verbs in the instructions and then went on to write the instructions. They used imperative- or bossy, verbs to tell each other what to do. Wash your hands, cut the fruit, push the grapes onto a skewer. In maths the class have been problem solving using 3 or more numbers. For example, which of these is the greatest number and which is the least; 5, 12 and 9? They also needed to explain their reasoning and whether they agreed with their partner.  They are revising the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Some of the names of shapes and how we describe them have changed or reverted recently. For example, we say quadrilateral to describe a shape which has 2 sets of 2 sides that are opposite each other, not diamond. In science they are discussing herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.