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What has Yellow class been doing this week?





Reception class spent a lot of time outside at the start of the week. After they redesigned the mud- kitchen, they needed to fill up the sand tray and sort out the water play area. Water and sand are great ways to explore capacity and volume. The new sand was slightly damp so it was much easier to create, explore and dig. The water area is filled with sea creatures, but there is also room for watering cans and other containers. Watching the children collaborate with each other shows us how they learn to share ideas. They experimented with measuring and filling using ever smaller containers to fill bottles to the top. They were also interested when filling the watering can with plastic fish, how much less water came out. This is a good example of children learning (about displacement) whilst playing. We managed to plant some more annual flowers outside the classroom and also in the playground. These delicate pelargoniums are fragile but the children are so gentle. Hopefully the squirrels, which have been digging up the summer bulbs, will let these grow on.



Every week the children have a singing assembly. Mrs Thorpe and Miss Buckley are our resident music lovers and take the task of choosing songs to perform very seriously. They have chosen some songs for the whole school to sing in our summer concert and the teachers and TAs have chosen some individual songs for each class to perform. Although we have Mrs DaCosta in once a week, music plays a big part in our school life. Mrs DaCosta also shows the children how to play some instruments, including the ukulele and the recorder. Having access to music and particularly instruments, from an early age, fosters a love of music and sometimes performing too. All the different celebrations and performances that the children take part in have their own unique songs. Harvest, Christmas, Easter and the Christmas celebrations come round in a cycle making the childrens’ time here one that has a few long standing traditions.







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