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What has Yellow class been doing this week?



Lots of us were happy that the rain stopped. Nobody likes indoor play, even though we have lots of things to do, you can’t beat running around the playground and seeing all your friends. We have had a really busy half term and today, an athlete is coming to school to help us raise money and have fun. The weather is perfect too.

Reception have been learning about pandas. They discovered that pandas are endangered, meaning that there aren’t many left in the wild. They learned about their diet- bamboo branches- and which habitat they live in. In maths they have been learning about number bonds to 10. This means the 2 numbers, which when added together, equal 10. They are exploring this in many different ways, including using tens frames and sharing and also Numicon plates. The weather has improved after a couple of really cold weeks and they were able to play in the mud kitchen. Last week we had our first trip to the pond. We took fishing nets and carefully scooped across the water. We couldn’t find one bug or beetle. I think the tadpoles will soon be here but when we got back to the library we read a book called tadpoles promise. Today we created our own books, choosing between fiction and non- fiction We discovered that you can still learn facts from story books.

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